A-Core has completed many airport projects across the Western United States, ranging from new project construction to existing concrete and asphalt rehabilitation.  Our slab, ride-along, and curb cutting saws are capable of providing clean and quick sawing of asphalt, concrete, and pavement slabs for runways and taxiways. 

With our vast inventory of diamond bits, we create perfectly sized holes for recessed lighting along runways and tarmacs. We understand that downtime on runways and taxiways needs to be kept to an absolute minimum, so we work quickly and efficiently, no matter how big or small the project may be. A-Core's experience with Airport agencies provides the expertise and assurance to accomplish any size job at any location.

Spaceport America - New Mexico - David Montoya Construction
A-Core was contracted to perform all sawing and sealing of green concrete on the runways at the future site of Spaceport America. From February 2010 to November 2010, 4-5 A-Core operators performed the precise work. According to project engineers, over 400,000 feet of concrete joints were sawed and sealed. Spaceport America is a Virgin Atlantic venture that will bring the world its first commercial spaceport.  

McCarren International Airport - Nevada
A-Core was contracted to perform all sawing of green concrete on the new runway at the McCarren International Airport. The sawing was preparatory for A-Core's sealing division to install along all joints a high-performance joint compression sealant. This provides flexible, durable, weather-tight, and traffic resistant seal for surfaces with high movement.

Salt Lake City International Airport - Utah - Granite Construction
A-Core was contracted to perform all deep sawing in order to replace outdated panels on the runways and taxiways.