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Amalgamated Sugar Plant - Idaho- Sugar Plant

A-Core’s team provides solutions to complex construction challenges that contractors face. One of these challenges was to demolish a 230 foot smoke stack at the Amalgamated Sugar Plant in Paul, Idaho. Built in 1917, this smoke stack was a central part to the operations of the Plant. However, due to its aging structure and unstable concrete, it became necessary to demolish this stack. Also, since over the years numerous buildings were constructed directly under and around the stack there was also a major safety concern that the stack could collapse onto the buildings in the event of an earthquake or implosion.

As a solution, A-Core of Idaho was contracted to saw-cut down this massive concrete structure. Project management teams discussed the safety concerns, and possible methods to employ. Together with the contractor A-Core assembled a plan to saw-cut the stack into 3 x 4 foot sections with handsaws and ring saws then push them into the center of the stack for removal. Cliff Randall and Matt Chase were the courageous operators who rose to the occasion to tackle this extreme project. This complex project scope also raised various other challenges; extremely frigid weather conditions and the project height of 230 feet reasoned for crews to operate out of a 500 ton crane basket; which meant A-Core operators were not allowed to work when winds blew above 15 mph. Despite these complex challenges, as of February 23, 2011 the project is halfway completed with an average removal rate of 6 feet of smoke stack per day.