Commercial Building

Over the last 35 years, A-Core has performed construction services for thousands of construction projects. We commit to set and maintain high standards for concrete cutting construction across America. Our diverse capabilities allow us to be your single-source contractor – saving you time, hassle, and ensuring consistent quality. Combining knowledge with tools of technology, we are able to achieve better control over every commercial building and industrial construction challenge.



Silo Demolition Project - New Mexico  - RMCI
We are working with a new to A-Core customer RMCI, they are established and reputable in New Mexico and we are excited to begin a new and mutually beneficial relationship with them. The project consists of removing 2 very stout water inlet concrete silos each of which are located at the base of a dam at 2 separate reservoirs, the first silo is the one that we successfully completed in 2014 and it is located at the Nichols Reservoir it was 60’ tall, 10’ diameter and 2’6” thick fully reinforced with rebar. The other silo located at McClure Reservoir that we will return to complete next year in the fall is 100’ tall, 8’ diameter and 2’ thick fully reinforced concrete structure as well. Both of these structures are part of the very vital water shed that provides culinary water to Santa Fe and the surrounding valley. 



Volkswagen Dealership Project - Idaho 
A-Core of Boise was commissioned to work on a large remodel project on a Volkswagen dealership. Crews were required to saw-cut and remove several large wall openings. The first challenge was to saw-cut the top 3-feet of the openings at 18-feet tall. Removal of this top section had to be done by cutting the 12-inch thick CMU wall into 3-feet x 4-feet sections. Since the interior of the wall was temporarily shored, removal had to be performed from the outside.



Kimberly Water Treatment Project - Idaho -  Kimberly of Idaho
A-Core of Twin Falls was comissioned to demolish this 50' diameter redwood water tank, that consisted of hundreds of 2"x6" redwood planks that were 22' long. This tank was built in 1976. Since the city wanted to preserve all of the redwood from the water tank so that they later can auction it off, A-Core demolition crews were required to use the utmost care so that each redwood plank was not damaged.


City Creek Center Project - Utah - Okland Construction
In the heart of downtown Salt Lake City is positioned one of the largest buildng development projects in the United States, which will create a vibrant and attractive city center. Collaboration with downtown business centers, the City Creek is an integral part of downtown life. Construction began in November 2006 with a  completion date scheduled for 2012.This four year project Encompass’s nearly three square city blocks. A-Core has been on this project since they first started demolition and are still here two years later, and will be working here until completion.


Utah State Capitol - Utah - Jacobsen/Hunt JV
A-Core was contracted to assist in retrofitting the Utah State Capitol building for a seismic upgrade. A-Core was commissioned to saw cut off the 36” dia. columns from around the top of the dome of the Utah State Capital building so that they could install new lighter weight columns. We were also contracted to wire saw all of the slots for all new isolators to be installed. This meant cutting off the entire building from its foundation so that it could rest entirely on all the newly installed isolators.


Fashion Place Mall Demolition Project - Utah -  Reynolds Brothers
A-Core was contracted to safely demolish two critical sections of wall, one of which was a very serious threat to some nearby structures. It was a fully reinforced masonry wall with brick veneer. We demolished this using boom lifts, jackhammers and compressors, and specialized manual labor. The eastern portion of wall that we removed was a much larger section of that ran north and south for the entire length of the Nordstrom’s building, this wall was a solid, fully reinforced masonry wall with brick veneer on the exterior; it stood approximately 12’ to 20’ taller than the remaining portions of the mall...


University of Utah, Park Builidng - Utah - Big D & Child's Masonry
The renovation of the historic University of Utah Park building included various services. A-Core drilled over 200 holes around the top perimeter of the building and dome for the seismic stabilization of the historic stone. Since anchors were prohibited, our innovative team had to use specially made brackets that clamped onto the sides to enable us to mount our drills.