A-Core has an expansive and extremely specialized Mining and Industrial Division that for over two decades has solved multifaceted mine construction challenges. Our deep well of specialized resources and knowledgeable employees gives us the ability to aid mining companies of any size throughout the process of mine construction. The A-Core Mining Division is composed of an unrivaled startup and commissioning team that integrates well with your business to act as a reliable and resourceful partner from the beginning of construction until project completion.

A-Core has locations across the Western United States, making it easy for us to give any mining project our full support. We've shown that we can consistently provide the highest quality of work, the most responsive customer service, and provide a safe work environment all while completing projects within target budgets.



Hunter Power Plant - Utah
Situated in South Central Utah is Hunter Power Plant, a coal driven power plant that generates electricity for thousands of PacificCorp customers. In order for the Hunter Power Plant to effectively continue generating such power upgrades to a larger blower fan were necessary. The replacement of such fans required for A-Core teams to cut two massive pieces of the concrete foundation.



Pump House Enlargment - Montana- PP&L
Abundant with dangerous wildlife and cold winter temperatures setting in, A-Core of Idaho was contracted by PP&L to enlarge a concrete opening in a pump house on top of the Absarokee Mountain Range. The project required crews from A-Core of Idaho to cut and remove an opening 4 feet thick and approximately 10 feet below grade. A safety conscious team of dedicated employees compromised conventional cutting methods for more innovative techniques to accomplish the impossible.