Safety at A-Core is more than a priority, it is a VALUE.

The commitment to safety exercised by all A-Core employees ensures the welfare of all jobsite personnel and members of the communities where we work. On any project, from the very simple to the very complex, safety is the number one priority for A-Core Inc. employees. A-Core prides itself on a spectacular safety record and policies that provide safe working conditions for each and every employee. As time goes on, A-Core will continually make safety a top priority on every job site. Our excellence in safety is a reflection of dedicated employees and fulltime safety officers. These officers train and direct all employees on A-Core’s safety policies, procedures, and government regulations. Through these efforts A-Core has maintained an Experience Modifier Rating that is consistently higher than industry standards. Visit the E-Mod page.

Pre-hire Standards
A-Core’s hire standards of excellence require all new hires to pass a drug test and a professional experience review. Those who pass the initial prequalification’s standards are then closely evaluated and interviewed by a qualified safety manager.  

Specialized Training 
A-Core understands that a project’s success includes an acceptable safety incident rate. As a result, we invest in our operators by providing them with classroom instruction and OSHA compliance training. Following the classroom training, novice operators then work directly with an experienced specialist for on the job training. 

Continual Commitment
A-Core specialists receive continual training on all aspects of safe operations and technical approaches. Continual training consists of innovative programs for job specific training, weekly safety meetings and instructions, and toolbox team meetings. A-Core provides the training, tools, knowledge and resources necessary to increase safety, reduce risk, and improve loss control on every project.

Pursuit of Excellence
A-Core’s pursuit of excellence promotes those who make safety a priority. Specialists that maintain Company safety values are recognized for their practices monthly and yearly by incentives. The strict Drug and Alcohol Policy is aggressively implemented with zero tolerance. An experienced management team ensures that excellent safety values are constantly maintained on every project.

Our A-CORE safe initiative helps every employee to think before they act. This ensures job safety for us and for others. 

Analyze the task at hand

Communicate all hazards with others 

Organize a safe work plan

Respect all safety regulations 

Eliminate hazards using safe practices