Indispensable Concrete Demolition

December 2012

When concrete is first poured, its purpose is to withstand pressure, weather, and age. So when it comes time to remove it, to break it up and haul it away, it’s an immense task entailing several risks. There are concerns regarding jobsite safety, environmental issues, and the potential disruption caused by concrete demolition services.

Successful demolition services take all these matters into account. They also understand that it’s impossible to anticipate every setback or challenge. For heavy concrete demolition, there is a need for an adaptable company with the experience, cutting-edge equipment, and commitment to jobsite safety, to get the job done.

Challenges Facing Concrete Demolition Services

The demolition of concrete represents several hazards that must be addressed by concrete specialists. These challenges consist of:

Jobsite Safety

A-Core knows that jobsite safety is essential to any project. Our demolition division analyzes every element of the project to protect our employees and partners. We’ve also learned that jobsite safety is particularly affected by hazardous conditions.

Hazardous Conditions

Many concrete demolition projects involve hostile environments. A demolition team often confronts such circumstances as working inside contaminated nuclear plant areas, in remote mines, or in confined power facilities. Other environmental factors involve the level of disruption a demolition project can cause in and densely-inhabited sensitive areas.

Environmental Concerns

Demolition creates dangerous amounts of dust, noise, and vibration. In populated areas, it can prove especially challenging to contain all the potential hazards to the work area.

Concrete Demolition Services: The A-Core Advantage

Despite these challenges, A-Core has the A-Core Advantage, a unique combination of experience, equipment, and know-how to handle any soft or heavy concrete demolition jobs.  Our demolition team’s top priority is to minimize the risks involved in every project while also delivering construction solutions by deadline and within budget. For almost 40 years, we’ve tackled demolition challenges of all types and have several strategies and tools to overcome them.

A-Core’s Robotic Hammering Solution

For virtually every demolition project, our robotic hammering techniques have proven accurate, reliable, and safe. Robotic hammering reduces risks and potential safety hazards. The robotic hammers are easy to deploy, are able to climb stairs, hang suspended over debris, or maneuver through tight spaces.

This versatility also gives them access to dangerous worksites such as contaminated nuclear plant areas or remote mine shafts. Robotic hammering also minimizes dust, noise, and vibration for projects situated in the midst of sensitive, highly populated areas.

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