Moving Mountains: Concrete Demolition Services

December 2012

Any concrete demolition company will tell you that throwing up concrete buildings or pouring concrete roads is one thing – demolishing them is another.

It’s a sad fact of life that what goes up must someday come down, whether it’s a power plant, an office building, a refinery, a bridge, nuclear facilities, highways, airports, mines, or even residential driveways and sidewalks.

Demolition service experts like A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists literally move mountains as they proficiently demolish concrete structures. Because of the complex challenges inherent in such projects, they require extensive experience, technical know-how, and highly adaptable concrete-cutting equipment.

Complex Concrete Demolition Challenges

Demolition service crews face numerous complex challenges with any project: worksite safety, pending deadlines, the constant noise and dust, limited or remote access to the demolition site, and hostile or hazardous environments.

Demolition work can also require skill. Very often a project has to be performed on a building that is surrounded by other structures. Rubble, dust, and noise must be confined to the target structure as much as possible since any miscalculation could conceivably threaten the neighboring buildings.

A-Core, Leading Concrete Demolition Company

Contractors and owners turn to A-Core for solutions to their complex construction challenges. Whether it involves finishing the state capital, decommissioning nuclear power plants, tearing down reinforced masonry malls of a downtown mall, or demolishing a 230-foot smoke stack ringed by numerous buildings, A-Core has the experience, expertise, and equipment to complete the project with optimal productivity and maximum safety.

For either soft demolition projects or heavy concrete demolition, A-Core is up to the task. Some of our chosen demolition methods include:

Robotic Hammering

To minimize noise, dust, vibration, and to reduce the risk of safety hazards, A-Core deploys versatile robotic hammers that can climb stairs or maneuver through the tightest spaces in order to overcome hostile workplace environments.

Breaking and Removal

Our capable demolition teams don’t stop at breaking up your surfaces. We also clear away the rubble and leftover material so you can proceed unimpeded with your construction plans.

Request a Quote from Top Concrete Demolition Company A-Core

As a leading concrete demolition company, A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists reduce risk and cost by delivering expert concrete demolition services and solutions. From all the available concrete cutting companies, A-Core’s concrete wire sawing is capable of completing any concrete-cutting project. We take on complex construction challenges from every industry and region. Contact us and request a bid today.

Any concrete demolition company will tell you that throwing up concrete buildings or pouring concrete roads is one thing – demolishing them is another.