Rumble Strips

March 2014

Rumble strips are areas next to the edge of a road or lane that are grooved in a continuous pattern. When crossed by a vehicle, they create vibrations in cars and create noise to warn drivers that might be straying from the road.

Rumble strips were first used in the 1950s in New Jersey on a state highway as a cost-effective way to reduce accidents caused by inattention or sleepiness. Since then, rumble strips have been implemented on many new roads, and most new freeways. Older freeways and highways have also had rumble strips installed.

Although most studies indicate that rumble strips provide varying improvements on accident rates, there is still some controversy because of the hazards they can pose to bikers and motorcyclists. Despite the opposition, rumble strips continue to be installed on road shoulders and between highway lanes to prevent accidents.

Types of Rumble Strips and Roadway Safety

Rumble strips have swiftly become a common safety feature on roads and highways. There are a variety of rumble strips and similar traffic safety solutions, from raised ceramic or plastic units to grooved concrete. A-Core is a concrete-cutting company with decades of experience in highway renovation and the installation of rumble strips. The most common versions of rumble strips we provide include:

  • Rolled-in rumble strips. These are grooves that are applied to asphalt while it’s still soft and new.
  • Milled-in rumble strips. These grooved rumbled strips are built into existing roads of concrete and asphalt.

A-Core Creates Rumble Strips on Roads, Highways, and Freeways

A-Core provides expertise in grinding and grooving any kind of roadway to improve traction and safety in road-driving conditions. A-Core also installs rumble strips on the roadway to increase driver safety. A-Core has participated in many of the nation’s most extensive roadway projects, such as the I-15 CORE Project in Utah. This heavy highway renovation involved the reconstruction of over 24 miles of busy freeway. The Project was completed in only 35 months, making it the fastest billion-dollar public highway project in the country.

Need Rumble Strips Made? Contact A-Core for a Bid

A-Core takes on any construction project, no matter the size, and provides the results needed, whether it’s installing rumble strips, concrete grinding, or concrete cutting. A-Core also offers you premiere concrete sawing services to assist you in your construction and renovation needs. A-Core has the capability to get the job done, no matter the size or complexity. Contact A-Core and request a bid today.